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The elegant Town Hall

perfectly matched the manner in which the 18th century elite for Edam wished to present themselves. It was built in 1737 in the style of Louis XIV, to a design by Jacob Iongh, a city carpenter, and contains richly decorated details.
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The beautiful Council Chamber is still cherished as a wedding venue and is used for many formal gatherings.

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The historic Council Chamber
On all 8 Cheese market Wednesdays in the summer and during the Open Historic Buildings Day, volunteers from Edam Museum give short tours of the Council Chamber.

Edam municipality commissioned the Town Hall in 1737 and thought that the murals would emphasize the somber atmosphere (after all, this is where justice was done). The paintings portray, from left to right: Solomon’s judgment, Justitia overcoming Invidia (personification of one of the 7 deadly sins) and the anointing of Solomon by the priest Zadock.

During the tour. these massive murals by Christiaan Willem Rave are explained, and the history of the bull in the city coat of arms is revealed.
Your museum ticket is valid for this special tour.

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Click to listen to Zadok the Priest, Coronation Anthem from 1727 by G. F. Händel performed by Westminster Abbey Choir.

Voorhaven [The front harbour]
The Town Hall on the Voorhaven (in the drawing fourth from the right, with the tower) was used until 1737 when it was demolished to be replaced by a Lutheran church (1740). To the right of the drawing is the current town hall at Dam Square 1tekening anoniem