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The collection of prints

comprises more than 800 objects. It provides important documentary evidence of the historical development of Edam as it shows many buildings which have since been demolished. The oldest works are probably the two city plans by Sijmen Willemsz. Boonacker from 1644.

The collection is wide ranging, and can be divided into, among other things, cartography, engravings, etching, woodcut, prints, optica prints (perspective view prints), design drawings and sketches. For a good impression of both exhibits and items in the store, you can find 5 albums in the Photo Gallery (see column). In the album Engravings and Prints there are several well-known engravers, some of which are highlighted below.


Pieter Tanjé

Initially, Pieter Tanjé was a bargee on the section between Bolsward and Amsterdam; he engraved decorations on tobacco boxes in his spare time …. Read more.


Jacobus Houbraken

Jacobus Houbraken was a North Dutch draftsman, engraver and art collector. He learnt etching from his father, Arnold Houbraken (1660-1719). In 1707 he moved to Amsterdam, where he ……  Read more.


Reinier Vinkeles

Reinier Vinkeles was a Dutch draftsman and engraver who started as a student at Jan Punt. He joined the Amsterdam City Academy in 1762 and became one of its directors in 1765. In 1770, Vinkeles left for Paris …. Read more.


Do you recognize the figure in this engraving by Jonas Suyderhoef …..?

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