English version: Mayoral room

The Room of the Orphanage

in the Town Hall was, from 1737, the seat of the College of Orphans. The full sized portrait of Pieter Dirckz “Langebaard” [Longbeard], Master of the Ophans is still hangs here….Read more (Link to the English webpage)

Later this room was used as an office for the mayor and served as such until 1987.

Joas & Athalia, chimney piece in the orphanage

They Mayor’s room as an exhibition room
This room is currently furnished as an exhibition room and boardroom. Here hangs the life-size painting of Trijntje Cornelisdochter Keever (1616-1633), also called “the tall girl”, because this girl from Edam was no less than two and a half meters tall. She is possibly the tallest woman who ever lived. Travellers have been coming to see this painting since the 17th century. Below the painting,  are an original pair of her shoes…

Society for General Benefit (NUT)
In addition to two historic Equestrian paintings (of Maurits and Frederik Hendrik), you will find a display case with objects that tell stories about the history of the Society for General Benefit. Co-founder Martinus Nieuwenhuijzen, lived and worked as a doctor in Edam in 1784. Father and son were the co-founders of a completely new perspective on education (Nutsscholen), banking (Nutsspaarbanken) and knowledge sharing (Nutsbibliotheken). In the spirit of the time were they Princely or Patriots? Unfortunately, the Enlightened ideas of the Nieuwenhuijzens were misinterpreted. Martinus fled to Amsterdam and took his administration with him…. Read more. (Click for the original document plus English translation).

The Boot family
This old Edam family that has produced many mayors and other dignitaries. They were, among other things, timber traders, but also whalers around Greenland. Important family items have been made loaned to the museum by the family.

collectie boot collectie Boot

The pictures show a a silver scale model of a three-masted boat by the Hoorn silversmith J. Verhoogt, and a golden oval guilloché snuff box showing a miniature of Emanuel Prince de Rohan, grandmaster of Malta, who gave it to Justus Boot on 24 March 1786.

Portret van houthandelaar Jacob Justusz Boot, met echtgenote Magdalena Petronella Versteegh en zoon Justus.

Jacob’s father, Justus Boot, served with the Admiralty of Amsterdam and brought it to the Rear Admiral and Vice Admiral of Holland and West Friesland. He made his last voyage in 1793 on the warship “Utrecht” and drowned under mysterious circumstances ….

Read more. (Click for the original document plus English translation)

He was posthumously awarded the role d’équipage, for the trip.


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