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Exhibitions of donations – 30th March – opening for the summer season

“Stories from Edam; new acquisitions in 2020”

The exhibition about the special objects Edam Museum acquired in 2020, with their accompanying stories, has previously been announced in the media. The plan was to open the special exhibition in Edams’ town hall in January.

Unfortunately, due to the lockdown and the continuing uncertainty, we have had to change our plans. We now intent to postpone the opening to 30th March to coincide with the museum’s opening for the summer season.

The start of this season will be extra spectacular because we will also be launching an equally special exhibition about the life of the artist W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp, ​​who lived and worked in Edam and where his studio can still be admired. We will tell you more about this later …

Check here for the latest news on opening times and measures associated with the Corona measures.

Edam Museum

is the oldest museum in North Holland above the IJ river, and, is thus one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands. Comprising two distinctive locations in the heart of the old town, it presents the story of the rich history of Edam. Not only are the buildings a beautiful sight from the outside but inside you will find a varied collection with surprising features. The museum takes you into the rich history of Edam: ship building, the ceramics industry, architecture, notable families and ordinary daily living. The collection includes paintings, prints and a few family-collections. The museum comprises:

The oldest stone house, The Merchant’s House, Damplein 8

which was built between 1540 and 1550. In 1893 it was bought by the District Council and established as a Town Museum in 1895. It was restored by the architect Dr. Pierre J. H. Cuypers, known for his work on the Rijksmuseum and the Central train station in Amsterdam…. Read more here.

foto Vind magazineKoopmanshuiskoopmanshuis

The floating cellar

which bobs up and down on the groundwater, like a boat, is, according to legend…. Read more here.

The Town Hall, Damplein 1

Edam’s Town Hall is close to the merchant’s house, on the other side of the covered lock (Damsluis). Although Edam was awarded city status in 1357, this building dates from 1737. It was built in the Louis XIV style; heavy, grand and symmetrical. The museum annex is located on the first floor with two grand rooms used for special exhibitions every year.



During your visit, use your museum ticket to take a look at the Cheese markets and the Council rooms (previously known as the Ships’ Hall).
Read more here.

The Edam Museum Trust is registered as a public benefit organisation (ANBI)

Donations are always important to the museum but the ANBI status can also be financially beneficial to donors, with tax deductions from qualifying donations. For more information on the financial benefits of making a qualifying donation please contact the treasurer via the contact form.

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What is an ANBI

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