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Heritage open day

Edam Museum participated in the Open Monuments Day over the weekend of 14th & 15th September 2019.

More than 600 visitors came to the museum!

http://www.openmonumentendag.nl/w/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/BankGiro-Loterij-Open-Monumentendag-met-vlag.jpgPhoto OMD

This year’s national theme was Places for pleasure.

Monuments and heritage buildings are not only to be looked at, to be lived in or to work in but can also be places for enjoyment. In some heritage buildings you can enjoy art, theatre, dance or cinema, watch a sports competition or practice a sport yourself, or indulge in food and drink.  Monuments with an entertainment value are at the centre of the BankGiro Lottery Heritage Open Days on the weekend of 14th and 15th September 2019: The theme is Places of pleasure. This theme gives the public the opportunity to not only visit these recognised buildings, but also to discover all kinds of unusual monuments.

Unique open days
Places of pleasure fits with Arts and Entertainment, the theme of the European Heritage Days, of which Open Monuments Day is a part. Five categories of places where people go for their entertainment can be identified: performing arts, museums and exhibits, sports and games, hospitality and recreation. The theme thus guarantees unique locations: historic cafés, hotels and (student) societies, historic sports stadiums, boat houses and swimming pools, but also (open-air) theatres, music pavilions, amusement parks and historic places where ‘girls of pleasure’ could be found: All included in Places of pleasure.

(source: The Heritage Voice)

Edam’s unique contribution

Edam’s Three Miracles were local celebrities, who in the 17th century each in different ways were to be found in connection with a place of pleasure.

A very worthwhile booklet about these characters is waiting for you in the museum, for only EUR 2.50

Other activities locally

Click here for information activities in the vicinity of Edam. (Currently only available in Dutch)