English version: Ceramics collection

The ceramics collection

comprises pottery, utensils and ornaments from donations and archaeological finds in Edam.

A modest selection of the former ‘Fris’ collection is displayed in the Town Hall. The archaeological finds are displayed in the Koopmanshuis in the hallway leading from the entrance to back room.

Fris [Fresh or Cool] pottery





The ‘Fris Ceramics Industry Ltd’ in Edam had its origins in Gouda. After the second world war the business moved to Edam.

Fris offered a completely new range of tableware, products with a functional, sober design, in a single, uniform, colour, or with a coloured border decoration.

The success of Fris was mainly due to designer Willem de Vries. In his view, colours should not divert attention from the form so he preferred to use pastel shades.

Archaeological finds

The museum’s archive of archaeological finds has a lot of pottery from the 16th and 17th centuries, both Dutch or foreign-made including artisanal, functional products used in the kitchen, such as cooking pots, bowls, a fire clock, etc. Usually they are undecorated, but in the case of a wedding gift, for example, decorations were applied as slipware. As a result, these objects also have an artistic meaning.

Photographs from Vind Magazine