Visitors from abroad

Opening hours in Summer period until  27th October 2019

Steenen Coopmanshuys (the Oldest Stone House of Edam)  Damplein 8

Former  Town Hall  Damplein 1

Tuesdays until Sundays 10.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Mondays closed.

rolstoel symbool The Museum and Town Hall are not accesible for wheelchair users.


Tarifs per person

Adults aged 18 years and over

€ 5.00

Seniors 65 +

€ 4,00

Adults, by group of 10 persons or more

€ 3,00

Children 13-17 years of age

€ 3,00

Children up to 12 years


Museumcard holders


Pass “Museum friends”



only bankcards accepted,  no creditcards