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In the Stone Merchants’house  you can buy unusual items suitable for souvenirs or birthday presents.

Rolls of fabric

Patches of the size of 50 × 70 cm. For various creative applications: quilts, clothing, hats and, for example, tabby cat, Annabel, with young.

Download the working drawing here, click on the image.

A range of books

There are also several books for sale such as the museum guide written by Frans Kuiper about the Three Miracles of Edam (€2,50)


And the book “The girl on the chain” by Lydia Rood about Trijntje Keever “the big girl”who grew to be more than 2 meters 50 cm tall. A life-size painting hangs in the museum.



DVD of the Chronicles of Edam 

A welcome addition to our range of products – A very special DVD with interesting stories and about Edam museum and our beautiful city.

Available in English


The creators of the DVD Chronicles of Edam, are real storytellers They have collected a collection of stories, revelations and impressions of Edam. It became a quest to share the special stories behind the objects in the museum. There are also revelations and discoveries, such as a number of special graves in the Great Church, which appear to have a direct relationship with objects in the museum, and there is even a scoop: a previously unknown document from antiquity has been published in the archives.

Contents of the DVD:

  • This unique DVD lasts more than an hour and consists of a number of atmospheric images of Edam from a tour of the museum with various background stories about the various objects.
  • The writer Lydia Rood talks openly, in an interview, about her relationship with Trijntje Keever and how she was inspired to write the book “Girl on Chain”. There is also the surprising story of a special collection of books, forgotten for years, that was rediscovered in the Librije of the Great Church; and fantastic discovery of a previously unreleased document in relation to Michiel de Ruyter, probably unique in the Netherlands.
  • The makers set themselves the goal of digitally recording Dutch cultural heritage. Some of the proceeds from the DVDs benefit the Dutch Cultural Heritage that is visualized on the DVDs.