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An exhibition about: coming home, a repeat visit, unlocking the collection (and more)….

Edam Museum is still immersed in its recent Ouwater acquisitions: high-quality sparkling paintings, and at the same time iconic of society in Edam. A new and breathtaking combination combination of Ouwater’s painting of the town gates with the drawings that correspond precisely (with a few salient differences!). A one-off loan from the National Office for Cultural Heritage. Literally unique: this never happens. You can’t get better.


Click here voor the TV broadcast from the ‘Lokale Omroep Edam Volendam’ [Regional Edam-Volendam] (Only available in Dutch).

The third Ouwater (the Princenhof) has also been restored – extremely skilfully and crystal clear, with a revealing infra-red photo of the signature added – where it belongs.

Martin Bijl
RETURN TO EDAM is the theme for two – independent – presentations.
First because there is a fully reworked and expanded version of ‘Prisma Edam’ [A prism on Edam]. The existing layout has been retained, but the current interpretation gives rise to many new discoveries. This is driven by the large number of acquisitions in a short time: through purchase, donation or on loan. A sparkling show of what a relatively small community such as Edam has produced.

Second, we are also proud to present a prestigious portrait, which is also returning to its place in Edam society. Acquired in 2011, after a number of incorrect interpretations, it has recently been established that it concerns Frederik Hendrik Pont, an extremely interesting notable in Edam during the 19th century. It appears to be painted by Elisabeth Kruseman-van Elten, descendant of the famous Dutch artist family Kruseman. This painting – fully restored and beautifully framed – is also experiencing a new life. A discovery in-house!

Also, being exhibited, among others:

Schulman,  Springer, Krumpelman,  Striening

The realisation of this exhibition is partly due to the cooperation and / or financial support of:

  • Gehring & Heidenrijk Amstelveen (Framer)
  • Rijksdienst Kunsthistorische Documentatie (Loan)
  • Stichting Cornelis Kruseman (Donation for restoration work)
  • Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar (Visual materials and advice)
  • Atelier Ellen Arkema Oegstgeest (Restoration)
  • Studio Martin Bijl Alkmaar (Restoration)
  • Tim van Bruggen  – Met Name Reclame (Printing, design work and texts)
  • Nivo Volendam (Printing)
  • Museum Goed Amsterdam (Exhibition furniture)